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Sacred Smudging Bundle: Yerba Santa, Sage, and White Sage

Elevate your spiritual practices and cleanse your surroundings with our Sacred Smudging Bundle, meticulously curated to harness the power of nature's finest offerings. This bundle combines the purifying energies of Yerba Santa, Sage, and White Sage to create a transformative smudging experience that rejuvenates both your space and your soul.

Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon californicum): Revered by indigenous cultures for centuries, Yerba Santa is known as the "Holy Herb" for its profound ability to clear negative energies while promoting healing and positivity. Its sweet, uplifting aroma fills the air with a gentle, soothing presence, making it a perfect companion for meditation, intention-setting, and cultivating a harmonious atmosphere.

Sage (Salvia spp.): Sage has been cherished across cultures as a symbol of wisdom and purification. Our carefully selected Sage leaves release a grounding, earthy fragrance that works to dispel stagnant energies and invite clarity into your space. With its long history of ceremonial use, Sage is ideal for creating a tranquil ambiance before rituals, ceremonies, or moments of deep reflection.

White Sage (Salvia apiana): White Sage, a sacred herb native to the American Southwest, is renowned for its potent cleansing properties. Its distinctive fragrance carries a transformative essence, effectively sweeping away negativity and fostering a renewed sense of balance. White Sage's smoke is believed to connect us with the spiritual realm, making it an excellent choice for spiritual seekers and those seeking to enhance their spiritual journey.

Experience the Ritual:

  • Ignite the bundle of Yerba Santa, Sage, or White Sage with a flame.
  • Allow the flames to die down, allowing the bundle to smolder and release its aromatic smoke.
  • Walk through your space, gently waving the smudging bundle to disperse the purifying smoke.
  • As you move, set your intentions for cleansing and renewal. Imagine the smoke carrying away all that no longer serves you.
  • Place the smudging bundle in a fireproof dish to extinguish, ensuring it is completely out before storing.


  • Cleansing: Rid your surroundings of negative energies, fostering a fresh and revitalized ambiance.
  • Purification: Create a sacred space for meditation, introspection, and mindfulness.
  • Spiritual Connection: Open channels to higher consciousness and enhance your spiritual practice.
  • Clarity: Invite mental clarity and focus as you release mental clutter.

Elevate your spiritual journey and embrace the transformative power of our Sacred Smudging Bundle. Whether you're seeking a fresh start or a deeper connection with yourself and the universe, our carefully crafted blend of Yerba Santa, Sage, and White Sage will guide you toward a renewed sense of harmony and positivity.


Note: Smudging is a sacred practice deeply rooted in tradition. We encourage respectful and mindful usage of these herbs, honoring their cultural significance and the environments from which they are sourced.

Sage, Yerba Santa, Desert Sage Bundle

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